Political leadership is crucial to improving national health and well-being. Health is a cornerstone of economic progress, sustainable development, democratic governance and global security. Many countries are embarking on efforts to provide universal access to health care, increase the efficiency and quality of public health services, and improve health outcomes particularly for women and children.

Even for seasoned leaders the greatest challenges can be securing sustainable financing; investing in infrastructure, equipment and human resources; and streamlining management systems needed for improving efficiency, standards of care and outcomes in public health services.

Securing the political commitment necessary for increasing domestic investment in health and achieving better health outcomes depends mainly on the leadership of the health minister together with the finance minister. Improving a nation’s health is just as crucial to the finance minister’s concern for jobs, development and economic growth as the health minister’s focus on national health indicators.

The Ministerial Leadership in Health Program provides the time and expertise for ministers to explore opportunities for an enduring impact on health sector strengthening and improved national well-being.



Health Ministers 

Finance Ministers 

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